Proof Portal

Review your submitted artwork and approve before we make your items. Review our legend and proof guidelines below.

Please note, we are unable to make any order edits after proof approval.

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Specialty Print

This shows artwork that will be printed using a specialty ink such as White.

Trim Box

This is the edge of the product, elements past this line will not be on the final design.

Crease lines

This is where the creases for folded products will be positioned.

Bleed Area

Artwork that extends into the bleed area will create an off-edge effect

Safety Area

Elements within the safety area will make it onto the final design.

What to check

Important elements are within the safety area.

Backgrounds and off-edge art extend into the bleed.

Artwork is assigned to the proper layers or specialty inks.

All names and spellings are correct.

Guaranteed Premium Print

We use only the highest quality materials and method to create prints we stand behind.